State government: 100% direct election by the people (in 2 rounds based on residence):

People directly elect (by residence) national representative or delegate, judge, prosecutor and police chief (by municipalities, that are 299 in Bulgaria). Every municipality selects one representative or delegate in the parliament (the municipality decides which will be the representative). The 299 national representatives elect the government. 299 judges elect the Supreme Court, 299 judges, prosecutors and representatives elect the Constitutional Court. 299 prosecutors elect the Chief Prosecutor. 299 police chiefs elect the Minister of Interior. So all important authorities will be directly subordinate to the people and independent of each other. Every law that members of the parliament create must pass first through the Constitutional Court. And it takes effect if it is not unconstitutional. All elected by the people members of parliament, judges, prosecutors, police chiefs are to be recallable hence there will be no mandates. If you work for the benefit of the people it makes no sense that you be replaced. So they can implement a long term policy. Heads of BNT and BNR are to be elected by the people with the possibility to be recalled (in order to be independent and objective). Each municipality to have regional radio and television, which directly monitors the actions and omissions of the MP. To broadcast trials from which citizens can see how the court operates. Full transparency in all possible ways. Private media are not eligible to participate in the electoral process.


The answer is more than clear: for the most honest candidates, because you know them. But where does the problem come from? It comes from the fact that in the list of people you would vote for are also people you don’t know. And there is no mechanism to remove them. So with the “clean” enters the “dirty” and you only get to watch and do nothing. Of course, from the people you don’t know, there may be honest ones, but there MAY NOT BE! THE BASIC LAW MUST BE AMENDED in Bulgaria (The Constitution), in order to guarantee and realize a true change. We reached the MOST IMPORTANT! This is the FOUNDATION of every country. Every trouble and welfare of a nation depend on the quality of this law. PEOPLE NEED TO WRITE THEIR OWN CONSTITUTION in order to be interested to observe and keep it like their own eyes! One thing is clear – we must remove the circumstances, creating conditions for crime. THIS LAW MUST BE UNCOMPROMISING! Only that way it will guarantee justice, because “the CONSTITUTION is the supreme law and no other law shall contravene”.


To the people who are now “awakening” and for those who have not bothered

Everyone is different in nature and as such has a natural tendency to generate different ideas. And the differences most commonly occur in the details of the idea. This psychological aspect is well known to the trained PR agencies, which together with the media, are in service of the Power. Using the natural human tendency to be interested in the details, the Power imperceptibly can draw the attention of the masses in the desired direction, diverting them from the main idea. For example, by supposedly constructive debates and disputes among themselves, the Power gain time to restructure (when threatened). Thus managing to keep the “people’s conscience” in a vicious closed ring, away from the actual problem. And the truth is that they (participants in the Power) work TOGETHER and SUPPORT each other. But obviously we haven’t realized this truth completely. Studying the mechanism of manipulation we came to the conclusion that the candidate projects so far, who advocate CHANGE PARTY MODEL the way they are crafted (i.e. with many details) lead to contradictions and deliberate dissipation of mental energy that makes us deconstructive and divides us. The main reason for the effect is exactly going into much detail, hence the natural phenomenon that everyone individually defends their positions and so – to the appearance of a conflict, after which “everyone is on their own path.” This approach leads to another effect: the academic fragmentation of the model can lead to indifference of the majority, because few of us are experts in certain areas and are interested in studying them in depth. And if while reading we encounter detailed matter for specialists that is difficult to understand, we passively tend to reject the entire model. (Remember which school subject was none of your favorites and why.) The natural tendency to reject what is difficult to understand is an approach the Power skillfully use to suggest to people that the creation of a governance model is a highly complex process and not a task for the average person.

Believing this lie will inevitably recourse to using the “help” of “the experts” from different parties. The government knows it!

And the truth is one:


It is necessary to accept the two main issues, as to avoid an insidious delusion which continually floods us and puts us to sleep:

  1. IT IS IMPOSSIBLE to have a QUALITY change of our lives without COMPLETELY changing the party governance MODEL! WHY? Because this model IS NOT created to TAKE CARE OF PEOPLE, but for the personal interests of certain privileged group (the party)

IT IS IMPOSSIBLE the government model to be changed by the same people who created it!

Why? Because the parties will not CUT THE BRANCHES ON WHICH THEY SIT. This MUST be done by the victims (the people). INSTEAD OF POWER serving the nation, the nation serves the POWER! How pervert!

Do you PERSONALY know the candidate for member of the Parliament that you are about to trust to represent you and resolve your problems? (By choosing you automatically delegate them authority to operate on your behalf.) No?… And why not?… (silence)… BECAUSE THIS OPPORTUNITY WAS TAKEN FROM YOU by loopholes in the Constitution and a string of “protection” clauses and regulations. They STOLE your RIGHT to DISTINGUISH and ELECT A CANDIDATE you trust! And if by chance you do not live in Sofia but in the countryside, you have no chance to see your preferred candidate to become a member of the Parliament and to lobby on your behalf!

Let us enlight with an example the viciousness of the proportional system:

Imagine that you have one party election list (list of candidate members) by 5 honest candidates who you know and another 6 strangers. On the list of the other party there are 3 honest people and 8 unknown candidates.

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