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Cynthia McKinney Back in US After Being Detained and Deported from Israel

Interview with Amy Goodman and – 08 Juli 2009 AMY GOODMAN: Former Congress member Cynthia McKinney arrived back in the United States Tuesday, following her deportation from Israel. McKinney was one of twenty-one activists seized by the Israeli military in international waters last week as they tried to deliver humanitarian aid to Gaza. Also aboard the Free Gaza boat was the Nobel Peace laureate Mairead Maguire. Last week’s trip was the Free Gaza Movement’s first since it aborted an attempt in January after the Israeli navy threatened to shoot the civilian passengers on board. That sailing had come...

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The Danger Of America’s Assassination Program

About the Author: The U.S-American Author, physician and former politician (former U.S. Representative for Texas) Ron E. Paul is a critic of the FED-System (fiscal policies), of the mass surveillance programs, as well as the military-industrial complex. He voted against the Iraq War Resоlution in 2002 and is a critic of the U.S foreign policy. Some call him “Anarcho-Capitalist”, some call him “intellectuall godfather” of the Tea Party Movement.   The Danger Of America’s Assassination Program On today’s Liberty Report, we covered the US government’s assassination program. You’ll surely recall when President Obama issued an executive order that said the...

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NATO settles down in Libya

by M K Bhadrakumar The role of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) in Libya opens a new chapter in international security. Its so-called Operation Unified Protector (OUP) was shrouded in controversy insofar as it unilaterally insisted that its Libyan intervention enjoyed the mandate of the United Nations Security Council, while Russia and China disputed the alliance’s assumption that Resolution 1973 mandated the kinds of activities that the alliance undertook in Libya. The way NATO is ending OUP is equally controversial. The announcement by NATO secretary general Anders Fogh Rasmussen in Brussels on Friday to this effect contains many...

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