Author: Josef Muehlbauer

The Victory of Patriarchy: Russia’s Male Violence

Controversial law in Russia: protection of the family or a historical victory of the russian patriarchy? The Russian Duma (lower house of the Russian Federation Assembly) threatens to “trivialize” domestic violence. Hannah Arendt’s expression “banality of evil” can be brought back from the dusty drawer, in view of the fact that patriarchal violence is viewed as “unspectacular”. The law which caused political debates and protests in Russia, theatens so look at domestic violence as a small violation of the ordinance, instead as a crimical act. If someone (most likely a men!) beat up his family, one can get easily...

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The Idea of Anarchism

The Idea of Anarchism In this article I will first define the term “anarchism.” Then I will follow the historical development of this idea. I will give answers to the question whether we are living in an anarchic society, whether this will happen in the future and whether it should happen. The definition According to the official definition, anarchism is a political philosophy that motivated anarchist movements around the world. Anarchism stands in opposition to power and hierarchical organization in all human relationships. As a consequence, anarchism opposes any form of state and protects anarchy as an alternative form...

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NATO – History and Structure

This article provides an introduction to the history, the idea, the political and military structure of NATO (NATO – North Atlantic Treaty Org). It also aims to create awareness about legal and scientific issues related to the military operations of the organization. This is essential because NATO is the largest military organization in history. This is of significant importance to every European, given the fact that all EU member states are integrated in the Alliance: German, British, French and soldiers from many other nationalities for years were involved in the war in Afghanistan (2001), Middle East and North Africa....

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