The Varna Institute of Peace Research combines political and economical facts and puts them together in a historical context. Furthermore its aim is to make complex geopolitics understandable for every age group. We are looking to engage everyone into the political discussion by presenting complex topics in three different levels:

  1. Entertainment: In a partial humorous way, complex topics are presented in a “whiteboard animation”. This medium presents a superficial outline and does not claim to be complete. It is easy to understand and especially suitable for children. Since children and young people are the future of every society, it is of particular importance to make them easily accessible to politics. Here is an example of a whiteboard animation: link.
  2. Multimedial lectures: Politics is presented both in a multimedial way and in an interdisciplinary method. This takes the form of presentations, seminars, lectures and documentary films. Here are some examples of this on our Youtube channel.
  3. Documents, essays and articles: Here we publish scientific research. There are popular science articles, empirical essays, and journalistic contributions that describe the whole context in its whole complexity. This area is suitable for people who already have some prior knowledge. On this basis, the multimedial lectures as well as the whiteboard animations are then worked out. Further you can find historical documents, infographics and articles.

Here is a list of the future projects which are open to the public:

Trends in Bulgarian culture: The historical development of Bulgarian culture is examined here with the help of a qualitative social research. 50 interviews are transcribed and evaluated.

Education in Bulgaria: Here, Dr. Kalin Todorov, together with a research team, will examine the Bulgarian universities and their development.

State structure: Here the structures of different states are examined. We are working with the constitutions of the following states: USA, Switzerland, Germany and Bulgaria. Furthermore we are analysing the historical development of the national states from their begining.

Resources: The central question of this study is: Do resources like oil and natural gas influence the political decisions of some states or can they even lead a state to go to war?

History of wars: This research addresses the question of whether Samuel Huntignton was right with his theory that there is a “clash of civilizations”, or whether “markets” and/ or “elites” are struggling for supremacy. The works of C. Right Mills, Max Weber, Karl Polany, Michel Foucault and Fernand Braudel are crucial in this research.

Pornography: The central question of this research is: How does the consumption of “porn” effect the social roles.