The entire team of the Varna Institute for Peace Research works voluntarily in the name of the Peace Movement. The VIPR Institute provides certificates for the employees and certificates for the interns (internship certificates).

How can you help?

Translations: If you are fluent in Bulgarian, German and/ or English, you can translate articles and research papers for us. Just send an inquiry to our editorial team. If you wish we would mention your name and send you our certificate.

Illustrations, graphic design and video montage: If you have suitable programs such as Photoshop and Adobe Primiere and if you can produce maps, diagrams and/ or documentary films, please contact our editorial team.


If you have discovered any errors in the content or the grammer, please contact our editorial team and we will be glad to mention your name (if you wish) as a proofreader and send you our certificate.


If you don’t find the time to help us you can still support our ideas and projects by donating the Peace-Institute. The balance sheet of the institute will be published and all revenue and expenditure are always publicly accessable. The VIPR Institute is a non-profit organization in which individual employees do not seek private profit. The entire profit and proceeds from the donations and advertising will be invested in the research work and the future of the institute.

Transparency: The VIPR Institute stands for transparency! Therefore we prefer to state the name of the individual donors so that it is also publicly known that we are financially and politically independent and a “grassroots movement” that lead a completely transparent policy. Under the sum of 100 € the donors can express their desire to remain anonymous. We do not accept money from politicians, corporations and other NGOs!

Acknowledgments: We are very grateful if you like our research work and share the info on our website in the social networks. This is also a great help for our ideas and projects.


The Varna Institute for Peace is a team of scholars, students and people who wants to contribute fo world peace. All the people who write, translate and work for the VIPR share the common goal of raising awareness and information about issues related to human rights protection, world peace, social inclusion and environment. If you want to share your unpublished article pleace send us an email and we will answer as soon as possible. The top 3 articles of the month will be rewarded with an certificate.




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