Curriculum vitae:

  • Born in 1987 in Vienna (Austria);
  • Visited a Catholic monastery school;
  • Graduated 2007 at the Academy of Economics (HAK) with the specialization of corporate management and company information economy;
  • 2009-2010 at the University of Vienna for History (lectures attended);
  • Studied two semesters of Protestant theology in 2012;
  • Studied two sem. Theoretical and practical philosophy in 2013;
  • Studied one Sem. Political Science in 2014;
  • Entered 2015 at the University of Varna (VFU) for political science;
  • Entered 2016 at the University of Varna (VFU) for political journalism;

Language skills:

German (fluent in spoken and written)
Bulgarian (mother tongue)
English (fluent in spoken and written)
Italian (5 years HAK, B1 level)
Serbo-Croatian (oral only)
Portuguese (oral only)

He has been working on a book on geo-politics and metaphysics since 2012, which is focusing on the theories of French philosopher Michel Foucault, US sociologist C. Wright Mills and US prof. Noam Chomsky.

He held lectures and presentations in Varna (Bulgaria) on topics such as: Eating animals; Pornography in modern culture; Syrian war; Economic theories of Marx and Gesell.

Writes since 2015 in his personal blog and for alternative online platforms.

In 2016, he was interviewed by an Austrian media platform “Gruppe 42”, which featured prominent scientists, among others Dr. Daniele Ganser.

A talk with the austrian historian, author and publisher Hannes Hofbauer about the “Year 2016” – Link

Here you can find some of his articles:


Personal Information:

He left the Catholic Church in 2008 because he strongly criticizes this ecclesiastical institution. He believes in the symbolic acts of Jesus Christ, whom he sees as the first anarchist in history.

Having worked in the poker industry from 2008 to 2014, he met many different people from all walks of life and from all corners of the world. He went on countless journeys among other things to visit poker tournaments and to get to know new cultures and languages:

– 2008 Seefeld (Tyrol, Austria)

– 2009 Amsterdam (Netherlands)

– 2009 Aruba (Caribbean)

– 2010 Las Vegas (Nevada, USA)

– 2010 Istanbul (Turkey)

– 2010 Hong Kong, Macao (China)

– 2011 Barcelona (Spain)

– 2011 Prague (Czech Republic)

– 2012 San Sebastian (Spain)

– 2012 Madrid (Spain)

– 2012 Kavala (Greece)

– 2013 Bologna, Veneto, Padowa (Italy)

– 2014 Bucharest (Romania)

– 2014 Varna, (Bulgaria)

– 2015 Wiesbaden, Frankfurt, Mainz (Germany)

– 2015 Wiesbaden, Frankfurt, Mainz (Deutschland)

– 2016 Budapest (Ungary)