Ethics and Mission:

The purpose of the Institute for Peace Research is to investigate political and social conflicts at interdisciplinary level and to develop the appropriate solutions to achieve a social transformation. This takes the form of scientific policy advice (conflict management) and in the form of public publications and lectures. VIPR is financially and politically independent work group (crowdfunding), which wants to contribute a part to the world peace and therefore do research on the following topics:

  • Human rights;
  • Peace research;
  • Ostracism of weapons of mass destruction;
  • Worldwide disarmament;
  • Exploitation;
  • Nature conservation;
  • Discrimination;
  • Sexism;
  • Industrial massaging;
  • Drug policy;
  • Money and banking system;
  • Government theories;
  • Ideology criticism;
  • Media analysis.


  • Organization of public lectures, debates and seminars;
  • Publication of scientific and journalistic publications, as well as of video publications;
  • Planning and design of an “eco-village” with a cooperative currency;
  • Promotion of critical thinking expressed in the cultural medium (music, theater, film and art).




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