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Stars for well-known bases, Red dots for lesser known “Lily Pad” bases: The map of the Investigative Reporting Workshop. (Photo: – N-tv, Nov. 17. 2015.

“Nowadays there are already bases in about 80 countries and US overseas, which is about twice as many as in 1989,” writes the research website “Investigative Reporting Workshop” at the American University in Washington.

Under the title “The Lilypad Strategy”, the study of the new orientation of the US forces alone in Africa lists more than 20 US bases in regions with Islamic terrorism, from Burkina Faso over Kenya to Djibouti (see map).

The United States, as the conclusion, wants to maintain its global influence as the last remaining world power and to control the new conflict zones even in the most remote corners.


– US Joint Chef of Stuff Martin Dempsey in N-tv, Nov. 17. 2015


Ehem. geheimes Pentagon-Dokument aus dem Jahr 2012: Ein “Islamischer Staat” ist “strategische Chance” für den Sturz der Regierung Syriens. Die amerikanische Bürgerrechtsorganisation »Judicial Watch« war es gelungen, per Gerichtsbeschluss die Freigabe einer Reihe von US-Geheimpapieren zu erzwingen. Bei deren Analyse entdeckte der US-Journalist Nafeez Ahmed das Dokument des militärischen Nachrichtendienstes des Pentagon (DIA) aus dem Jahr 2012. Hier zum Download: “Rise of ISIS”.

Secret Pentagon document from 2012: The rise of the “Islamic state” is a “strategic opportunity” for the fall of the Syrian government. The US civil rights organization “Judicial Watch” had succeeded in compelling the release of a number of US secret papers by court order. In their analysis, the US journalist Nafeez Ahmed discovered the document of the military intelligence service of the Pentagon (DIA) from 2012. Here you can download the document: “Rise of ISIS”.






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