Jean Kilbourne

is an author, speaker, activist and filmmaker who is internationally recognized for her activism and work on the image of woman in ads. She is a graduate of Wellesley College and holds a doctorate in education from Boston University, as well as an honorary doctorate from Westfield State College.




Cynthia McKinney – American congresswoman, presidential candidate (Green Party), internationally renowned peace advocate and human rights activist.

She was the first African-American woman to represent Atlanta and Fulton County in an at- large district in Georgia’s history. McKinney served on the House International Relations Committee, where she was the highest-ranking Democrat on the Human Rights Subcommittee. she worked on legislation to stop conventional weapons transfers to governments that are undemocratic or fail to respect human rights. She fight against the Death Penalty (Capital punishment), for civil liberties and she supports the Free-Gaza-Movement and the “9/11 Citizens Watch” demand for a new 9/11 investigation.  She holds the “Munich American Peace Committee” Peace Price. Her Website – Link.



david-graber1David Graber – Anthropologist

He was a professor at the prestigious Yale University.

Author of the bestseller “5000 years of debt”.





noam-chomksy-viprNoam Chomsky – Liguist, philosopher and peace activist

He was a professor at the MIT and is one of the most famous intellectuals of our time.

He is happy that the Peace Research Institute (VIPR) was born in Varna.






john-holloway-viprJohn Holloway – Irish-Mexican political scientist (Benemérita Universidad Autónoma de Puebla – BUAP) and author:

“Change the world without power” and “Regionalization of the world society” and many more.






albrecht-muller-viprAlbrecht Müller – German journalist and politician (SPD 1987 – 1994).

Co-founder of:

“Albrecht Müller and his team wish VIPR success”





pawel-kuczynski-viprPawel Kuczynksi – Polish artist

With his art works, he provokes and encourages people to think.

His company-critical images can be found on his website:






ruslan-trad-viprRuslan Trad – Bulgarian-Syrian Near-East expert and journalist.

He is a co-founder of Global Voices Buglaria.

His informative blog:




Partnerships with organizations:

arc-sindikat The independent and autonomous workers’ union ARS, headquartered in Sofia, has several divisions in Bulgaria and works for the rights of workers. The union provides data and statistics on the number of exploited workers in Bulgaria to the Peace Research Institute.




“Bes Logo” (No Logo) is an independent, non-profit and bulgarian grassroots online magazine.

Bes Logo (No Logo) support the ideas of VIPR and published some articles from our archive.




Swiss Veg is the largest Swiss organization dedicated to the vegan lifestyle in Switzerland.




Varna Institute “VIPR” was inspired by:


Prof. Margrit Kennedy – German architect and expert in economics and ecology.

Here you can read your works for free:





Prof. Michel Foucault – French philosopher and sociologist.

His “poststructuralist” thinking has a decisive influence on the VIPR Institute.





Prof. Werner Ruf – German political scientist, university professor and peace researcher.

Website:  Has written many years for the Peace Research article.





Dr. Daniele Ganser – Swiss historian.





Joe Sacco – Maltese American artist.

He is regarded as the inventor of “comic journalism” and is also part of the peace movement with his social criticism.