Access to Databases, Scientific Research and Librarys:

Peace Studies (University of Bradford) – Link

Open Access Journals (Science) – Link

Scientific Journal Database (Science) – Link

Stanford Library (Education, Science) – Link

Stanford Library (Encyclopedia of Philosophy) – Link

Academic Papers (Education, Science) – Link

U.S. National Archives and Records (Historical Documents) – Link

International Consortium of Investigative Journalists (Leaks) – Link

Online Free P2P Library – Link

Multi-national media organization and associated library (Wiki-Leaks) – Link

Federation of American Scientists – Link

CATO Institute (Studies, Research) – Link

Duke University Journals – Link

European History Online – Link

Center for Strategic Studies – Link

“Judical Watch” (Secret Documents; awareness of corruption and misconduct by government officials) – Link

Womans Rights and Feminism:

AWID (international feminist organisation) – Link

Coalition against Trafficking in Woman – Link

Code Pink (woman peace organisation) – Link

GGCA (Global Gender and Climate Alliance) – Link

WEDO (Woman Environment & Development Organization) – Link


Journals, Magazines, News Media and many more:

Geopolitical magazine “Politico” – Link

Geopolitical magazine “Foreign Policy” – Link

Speeches from students, professors and intellecutals “TED-Talk” – Link

Peace and Conflict studies at the University Colorado – Link

Discover scientific knowledge “Research Gate” – Link

UN Data, Stats and Infographs – Link

Political Stats and Data – Link

Commitee to Protect Journalists – Link

Open Democracy – Link

The American Journal of Psychiatry – Link

UNFPA – Eastern Europe & Central Asia – Link

Conflict Studies (Africa, Politics, War) – Link

Iranian Media in English – Link

Online Journal “Strategic Cultur” – Link

Online Academy “Profit over Life” – Link

Prof. Noam Chomsky Artikels – Link

Al-Jazeerah: Cross-Cultural Understanding – Link

MacArthur Foundation: Research – Link

Whistleblower Sibel Edmond (former FBI) and her Media – Link

Alternative Info (“Occupy-Movement”) – Link

Asia Times (Politics, Culture, China) – Link

Le Monde Diplomatique (Media, Politics, Economy, Stats, Infographs) – Link

Anti War Movement – Link

Political Articles (“Intercept”) – Link

Leaked Information (“Wikileaks”) – Link

Geopolitical Magazine “Foreign Affairs” – Link

Independent Global News (“Democracy Now”) – Link

“Salon” (Politics) – Link

“Project Syndicate” (Politics, World Affairs, Economy) – Link

Saudi Arabian Media (Politics, Saudi Arabia, World Affairs) – Link

The Center for Public Integrity (Politics, Economy) – Link

“The Nation” (Politics) – Link

“Defence One” (Politics) – Link

Chinese News – Link

Jacobin Magazine (Politics) – Link

New Compas (Democracy, Politics) – Link



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