Radomira Ivanova – Text editor and translator

Studied art history in Germany at the University of Cologne.

Co-founder of an NGO in Varna, which has a cultural focus. For another NGO in Varna she organized numerous events with former presidents from Bulgaria and diplomats from many other states – Link.

She speaks and implements her foreign language skills for the Varna Peace Research Institute.

Curriculum Vitae






Neli Derali – Consultant

Bulgarian journalist, author of several essays and lawyer.

She writes for the trade union ARS (Varna).

She wrote for several Bulgarian newspapers and also worked as an investigative journalist. With her great experience and professionalism, she enriches the peace institute.







Kalin Todorov – Consultant

Studied history and philosophy in Chicago.

He participated in debates of the Varna Peace Research Institute and has a running project.





Elena-Konstanca Muehlbauer – Legal Adviser

Studied philosophy and jurisprudence at the University of Vienna and represents the institute in legal matters.

In addition she wrote articles on international law for the peace insititute.






Nikolay Shcherbakov –  Master in Political Science, Consultant-interpreter (English)

He maintain a professional level of correspondence in english, german and bulgarian language


Curriculum Vitae






Dimitar Nikolov – Administrator

Studied political science in Varna and supervised the administrative activities of the Institute.

He published the essence of his diploma thesis on the subject of UN human rights for the institute.








Josef Muehlbauer – Researcher

Studied philosophy and political science in Vienna.

Writes geopolitical articles in his blog and for the institute.



Curriculum vitae






Dimitar Dimitrov – Researcher

Studied in Varna naval architecture and marine technology and is now a mechanical engineer.

He heads the project “Eco-Village” and operates many other research projects for the institute.








Peter Jekov – Photographer and Cameraman

Is responsible for the image and sound processing of the institute.

Has filmed documentaries and interviews for the institute.









Stefan Andonov – Website Manager

IT expert and author of several articles on “Philosophy of Rock Music” in his music blog – Djentmag.

He is responsible for the design and functionality of the website of the Varna Peace Research Institute.