Research topic: History and function of money

Research questions: What is money? Where does money come from? How did it get into society and how was it established? How does money get its value and who defines this value? Does money have a social function?

Research Methodology: The orthodox, or “mainstream” economic theory about the history and function of money will be compared with historical research (numismatic research), with sociology and with philosophy and furthermore each discipline gets in relation to each other. The seminar participants inform themselves and discuss the most important milestones as well as the cultural transformation of money. The anthropological constants of the exchange and value systems are compared with the cultural perception in the different epochs.

Start: Fri. 14 Oct. 2016 from 6 pm to 8 pm

Duration: 6 months

Structure: 48 hours group work and c.a. 100 hours of individual research


Place: (Varna Insititute for Peace Research: Varna 9000, Hristo Botev 3)


Research Director: Josef Muehlbauer


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